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At Station Garage, our modern garage is well-equipped with the latest machinery and technology to help our team carry out repairs and services. We’re proud to be able to offer our customers in Park Gate, Locks Heath and the surrounding area high-quality diagnostic checks. When it comes to engine management and diagnostics our team of technicians are experts in understanding the faults. We use high-quality BMW level diagnostics equipment to test for electrical and component faults.

All modern cars are now fitted with an engine control unit (ECU). This unit is connected to various sensors within your vehicle which will trigger a dashboard warning light if there is a problem. If you get a warning light on your dash it’s important to get it assessed as soon as you can. When you visit Station Garage in Park Gate for a diagnostic check, we’ll hook your car up to the diagnostic machine and test for faults. Our technicians are trained to understand the hundreds of fault codes the machine can find, so you can be sure we’ll find the problem. Once we understand what the fault is, we’ll provide you with a quote to get the problem sorted and the warning light off. Of course, we’ll only do this with your full approval.

Specialist Fault Repairs

The faults that we find usually result in a general car repair being required. However, there can be faults which require a specialist service which we can help with too. We offer diesel particulate filters (DPF) cleaning and turbo and engine cleaning. If your engine management light flashes on your dashboard, this could be an indication that your DPF is not working correctly. This can require replacing your DPF, which is a time-consuming and expensive job. However, we have the capability to offer forced regeneration of the DPF – a deep clean which will ensure that the filter works correctly. We can also offer turbo and engine cleaning, which will ensure your components can run effectively.

Book your Diagnostic Check Online

All our services, including diagnostic checks, can be booked online. You’ll be able to choose an appointment slot that suits you and when you come in for your appointment you can wait will we run the diagnostic test. This usually takes around half an hour and we’ll be able to provide you with an instant quote for the work. Our highly tuned diagnostic equipment is main dealer level, but our costs to run the tests are considerably lower. Our technicians will be happy to explain what the fault is and what’s caused it and, once you’ve approved the quote, we’ll begin the repair. Once we’ve finished the repair we will retest the vehicle and turn the fault light off.

With decades of experience, the technicians at Station Garage can find and repair faults quickly. Our high-tech equipment and quality workmanship allow us to diagnose and repair faults for all our customers in Park Gate, Locks Heath and the local area.

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